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We have the know-how you need.

We’ve distilled our process down to three major components. These pieces form the framework that help us  fill your pipeline with qualified leads.

From touch-point cadence creation to the management of an ever-evolving business development strategy, navigating lead generation can be taxing. Our years of sales experience give us the tools needed to provide your sales organization with a rich pipeline. We’ve simplified our process into three major components. These puzzle pieces come together to form how we will fill your pipeline with qualified leads.

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Strategy Development

We spend time with your team by learning your business and what problem you solve. In addition, EMG probes your thought-leaders with the goal of understanding your ideal audience.

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Taking away what we have learned from your team, EMG goes through a process called ‘contact mining’ which acutely identifies the target audience for us to begin our cadence.

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Meeting of the Minds

Through analytics, EMG is able to provide feedback on our work as well as foster an exchange between our teams in order to optimize our joint go-to-market strategy. 

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